Adding a new walkway or driveway is one of the most important ways to update the look of your property. It’s the first impression people see of your home. Aesthetically, it will add to the curb appeal of your house; creating a more inviting look. Choosing the right material and color is very important. A designer will show you the best options that will accent your home. Also, as with adding a patio and retaining wall, updating driveways and walkways will also assist in increasing your property value.

Walkway Installation

Bobcat Concrete and Masonry has years of experience in designing and installing walkways and driveways made from different materials. Our experienced installers will work with you from beginning to end of a project and ensure you get a driveway. We can install Stone Driveway, Gravel Driveway, Crushed Stone Driveway, Flagstone Driveways, Stone Walkways, Brick Walkways, Gravel Walkways, Flagstone and Walkways

Walkway Repair

Uneven or damaged walkways from sunken concrete can be real hazards accounting for trips and falls which can cause major injury. Walkways raising can help alleviate uneven concrete which can get worse with every season when the lower concrete slab collects water, resulting in soil erosion between and underneath the concrete slabs. The freeze and thaw of one winter-summer cycle is enough to move and crack entire concrete sidewalk slabs. The sooner you get this repaired, the quicker you can stop this cycle.