Bobcat Concrete and Masonry brings artistic creativity to every patio project we undertake. Our experts make fabulous custom patios for clients looking to expand their entertainment areas out into their yard. If you’ve ever thought about transforming your back yard into a luxurious extension of your home, a custom patio is the perfect way to do that. Patios are the ideal place to relax, entertain, cook and enjoy friends and family.  We can install patios such as brick patios, concrete patio and pavers patios.

Brick Patio

Brick patios can transform an underused outdoor area of your residential landscape to make the space more functional and attractive. While a grassy lawn limits your ability to host get-togethers and a concrete slab looks like what you’ll see at countless other homes, a custom brick patio  will provide a highly usable and appealing outdoor retreat for you and your family.

brick patio
concrete patio
Concrete Patio

We can work with you to create an elegant, relaxing concrete patio for your home and family. We offer a wide variety of concrete patio designs such as colored and stamped that will help you achieve the look you have been dreaming of. If your existing concrete patio is in need of repair, we can help with that as well

Pavers Patio

Patio pavers can either be made from concrete, clay or natural stone.  When installed properly, the pieces interlock to create a flexible and strong pavement system. Because there are many joints in an interlocking concrete pavement, the pavers themselves are very strong and not prone to breaking and cracking.  We can install a wide array of styles to choose what best matches your home’s architectural qualities. We offer extremely durable products that simulate the look and texture of real stone, clay brick, cobblestone, and granite, to name a few options.

pavers patio